Yaron Levi

CISO at Dolby | 2x CISO | Board Member | Boardroom Certified Qualified Technology Expert (QTE) | Venture and Startup Advisor | CSA Research Fellow

A global multi-industry Cyber Security Leader offering Startup and Enterprise security leadership. Expertise include Security Practice Creation, Strategy Development, Defense Doctrine Implementation, Security Architecture Development, Security Evangelism and Multi-Level Collaboration (including: C-Suite, Board, Clients and Industry), Team development, Coaching and more.

BA, Social Sciences and Management; The Open University, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Security Practice Development:
Established a cyber security practice from the ground up including: Cyber Defense and Incident Response, Threat Intelligence, Security Architecture and Engineering, Identity and Access Management, Vulnerability Management, Application Security, Governance Risk and Compliance, Data Security, Education and Awareness, and 3rd Party Risk management.

Security Strategy Development:
Defined and maintained an innovative forward-looking security strategy that balanced business objectives, business risk appetite, cyber threat landscape and regulatory requirements. The strategy prioritized “Secure from the start”, building security IN (instead of bolting it ON), and automation.

Defense Doctrine Implementation:
Developed and implemented a defense doctrine based on militaristic practices in order to empower the organization to effectively defend against cyber threats including: Attack surface mapping, Adversary Simulations, Purple-Team Exercises, Defense Capabilities validation, Response Manuals, Threat Intelligence, Defense Alliances development, and Law Enforcement and industry collaboration.

Security Evangelism:
Led various initiatives to educate and increase awareness about the importance of risk management, threat modeling, defense, security best practices and the benefits to the organization. Frequent speaker at industry conferences including RSA, SecureWorld, Dark Reading and more.

Team Development, Mentoring and Coaching:
Recruited, developed, mentored and coached team members at all levels, from Interns to Directors. Developed a team member from a Project Manager to a CISO in 6 years. Guided and developed people to well-deserved promotions from dark place in their careers to positive forces on the team.