William Callahan

Mr. Callahan was appointed to the position of Special Agent in Charge of the St. Louis Division in May 2018 and served through November 2020. He oversaw DEA’s enforcement, intelligence, administrative and regulatory activities throughout Missouri, Kansas, and Southern Illinois, comprised of nine offices and approximately 300 Special Agents, Diversion Investigators, Intelligence Analysts, Task Force Officers, professional staff and contractors.  Mr. Callahan joined DEA in February 2000 and spent 14 years as a Special Agent and subsequently Group Supervisor in the New York Division.  In 2014 Mr. Callahan established the New York Division’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement (OCDETF) Financial Investigations Team.  Mr. Callahan partnered with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York (EDNY) to establish the EDNY Suspicious Activity Report review committee and served as co-chair of the New York External Fraud Committee, an ad-hoc committee consisting of law enforcement and the financial community combating financial crimes and fraud.

In June 2014, Mr. Callahan was reassigned to DEA Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. Mr. Callahan served in administrative and enforcement roles while assigned to DEA HQ, including with the Inspection Division and the Office of Inspections and Office of Professional Responsibility.  In 2016, Mr. Callahan was promoted to section chief assigned to the Office of Global Enforcement Latin America and Caribbean Section, in which he supported enforcement operations and administrative matters in the Caribbean and Andean Region. In this role, Mr.  Callahan worked closely with the White House National Security Committee and the Department of State, and led a multi-agency delegation to Havana, Cuba, to establish anti-narcotic collaborative efforts with the government of Cuba. In March 2017, Mr. Callahan was tasked to create a new unit at DEA HQ and form team of inspectors, auditors, and accountants to review DEA’s proactive undercover money-laundering investigations.

In October 2017, Mr. Callahan was reassigned to the New York Division, as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Administration and Operational Support Unit, where he oversaw a multi-million dollar budget, purchasing, and technical operational support.

During his tenure with DEA, Mr. Callahan provided anti-money laundering training to domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies, and to multiple financial institutions in the New York City area.  Mr. Callahan is a native of New Jersey. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Administration of Justice and Political Science from Rutgers University, and a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.