Venu Vissamsetty

Venu is responsible for the company’s security research and for the development of the Attivo deception solutions. He carries over 20 years of experience developing security information technology solutions.

Venu brings extensive security expertise in both cyber attack detection and attack analysis to Attivo. Prior to joining Attivo, Venu was Director of Software Development for McAfee/Intel Security, where he was responsible for the McAfee Advanced Threat Defense, which does dynamic malware analysis (sandboxing) to analyze the actual behavior of malware and provide real time analysis. He also holds experience as a software development engineer working on Intrusion Prevention for the McAfee Network Security Division (IntruShield). Before McAfee, Venu was a software engineer at IntruVert Networks, which was acquired by McAfee.

Venu holds a BE, Engineering from Osmania University in India. He also holds 2 patents and has filed for 5 patents in network security.