Ty Hollins

Ty Hollins instituted his professional philosophy around the hallmarks of building and improving. Throughout his dynamic career, he approaches work with a focus on taking what exists—people, procedures, policies, technology—and helping them evolve to a new level of effectiveness. It is through helping people and organizations become better, safer, and more prepared that Hollins finds his greatest reward.

Certified as a CISSP, CRISC, CIA, and CCFSP, Hollins is a seasoned expert in creating and developing cybersecurity systems and structures to effect meaningful progress and readiness across entire enterprises. Empowered by ProCircular’s intentional Core Values and personable approach, Hollins takes great pride in building strong relationships with clients and teams and helping everyone reach their best version of themselves.

Brought up and educated in Europe, Hollins applies his diverse experience to help each client tailor data security and compliance policies to manage their specific level of risk. His guidance and leadership have helped countless teams develop and implement comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance strategies involving numerous departments, vendors, tools, systems, subsidiaries, and nationalities all at once.