Tom Bray

Tom Bray, CISM, is an information security leader and CISO with over 25 years of information security and e-discovery experience. He is currently working as a fractional CISO assisting organizations in all facets of their cybersecurity journey.

Tom is known for being a results-driven and forward-thinking cybersecurity technology leader. He has a keen interest in promoting the business benefits of cybersecurity and optimizing control technologies for maximum benefits. Tom enjoys motivating teams to achieve superior results and aligning cybersecurity efforts with business objectives.

When it comes to security awareness training, Tom believes it is important to make it a fun, energetic, humorous, and memorable experience. Connecting with the audience relative to “what’s in it for me (WiiFM)” is a key measure of successful training.

Tom’s cybersecurity career spans financial services, healthcare, banking, technology, and manufacturing industries. Tom is a contributing member of the West Florida Cyber Security Alliance and ISACA West Florida Chapter. He is a published author of information security and e-discovery articles.