Tanner Hubbard

Special Agent at Department of Homeland Security

Special Agent Tanner Hubbard holds a bachelor’s degree in Cyber Operations with experience working in private industry as a Security Engineer specializing in incident response and digital forensics. In 2017, Special Agent Hubbard joined the United States Secret Service starting with the agency’s Chicago Field Office. While in Chicago, Special Agent Hubbard was responsible for investigating account takeover attacks, business email compromises, high-tech fraud schemes, cryptocurrency-related thefts, and dark web-related forums and marketplaces. He was also assigned to the agency’s network intrusion response team where he was responsible for responding to and mitigating active cyber-attacks on organizations in the Chicago-land area. In 2021, Special Agent Hubbard was re-assigned to the Secret Service’s Cyber Intelligence Section where he currently focuses on detecting and investigating transnational organized cybercrime syndicates who seek to target and undermine U.S. infrastructure.