Swamy Sriperumbudur

Swamy is the COO and CIO of Infomerica, Inc., an innovative technology and service-based international organization. He manages client-to-employee relationships throughout the continents of North America, Europe, and Asia. Swamy brings a rich cultural and business acumen that helps corporate executives define their effective strategies to steer their organization to success. He uses an innovative organizational and product strategy approach to increase revenues and reduce operational costs.

Swamy is serving as a board of director for MapRecruit – A revolutionary Cognitive Talent Acquisition Platform based on DeepLearning, Automation & Multi-Channel Collaboration. Swamy is a Senior Advisor to MarketCues, a Smart 360 Platform which measures both an organization’s strengths and weaknesses and the perceptions that its clients hold about it.

Swamy earned an Engineering Degree from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, INDIA, and an MBA from University of Phoenix, USA. He holds a U.S. Patent and is a motivational speaker.

Specialties: Technology enabled business transformation. IT Transformation. Application and infrastructure modernization. Public Cloud enablement and adoption, AWS, Azure,GCP. Emerging Technologies & Digital Transformation. Large Scale Enterprise Systems Strategy, Architecture and Delivery, AI/ML, Big data platform, Data Driven culture, Digital work place, Talent of the future. RPA Implementation