Steven Branigan

Steven Branigan has been working in the cybersecurity field for longer than he cares to admit! Steven has worked on developing digital forensic techniques while working at Bell Communication Research. These techniques were used by many organizations, including the US Department of Justice, US Secret Service and the US Air Force, as well as the Bell Operating Companies.

Steven worked in Bell Labs research, researching trends regarding Internet connectivity and wireless networking, including some patented techniques. He then worked on commercializing some of the research technology he participated in developing in a company called Lumeta.

The entrepreneurial bug bit, and Steven left Lumeta to start CyanLine, a company dedicated to cybersecurity products and services. Through CyanLine, Steven has worked as a virtual CISO (vCISO), most recently for the City of Philadelphia.

Support for the information security community is very important to Steven. As for his industry affiliations, Steven joined the High Tech Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) in 19996, and rose up to the position of president of the associate in 2016-2018. He is now a lifetime member. Steven is an active member of the FBI’s Infragard program, and was a founding member of the NY Electronic Crime Task Force under the US Secret Service.

Steven holds a M.S. degree in Computer Science from Rutgers University, NJ and an MBA from Columbia University.