Steve Hindle

As a global multicultural security executive, I build agile security programs and develop people to provide companies with a passionate security organization that delivers consistent, measurable, and secure growth as a business enabler and market/industry differentiator.

With more than 30 years of experience, I am a seasoned security strategist providing leading insight and delivering proactive solutions that reduce risk and increase brand confidence – inspiring trust for global organizations across industries and delivering a better experience for clients worldwide.

My career journey has encompassed complex security operations, threat management, and crisis management in public and private sectors in the UK, Europe, Africa, Latin America, Philippines, China, and the US.

Since 2018, I have led crisis management of 70 global business continuity events including cybersecurity, civil unrest, extreme winter weather, power outages, bomb threats, tsunami, earthquakes, hurricanes & typhoons.

Significant Events:
■ Cyber breach response – Ransomware & Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS)
■ Nation-state led Supply Chain Compromise – Global exploit mitigation and response (SolarWinds, HAFNIUM)
■ Arab Spring Uprising
■ Fukushima nuclear catastrophe

As a trusted advisor and empathetic partner, I lead from the front to build an adaptive and flexible security culture, listening and empowering people with the education and resources they need to excel. I promote resiliency and lead with a calm professionalism in times of crisis.

I reduce complexity through cutting-edge technical and process-driven architecture, cloud-native IaaS/SaaS DevOps, and cybersecurity solutions to achieve consistent, measurable, and stable growth. I have a proven history of retaining and increasing brand confidence throughout an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape.

I am lifelong learner with a very strong moral compass and a North Star which believes in collaboration, partnership, diversity, and empowerment — always striving to make organizations better and more secure.