Stephen Gemperle

Steve Gemperle is a Senior Special Agent with the United States Secret Service who specializes in cyber-crime.  Steve joined the US Secret Service in 1999 and is currently assigned to the San Antonio, Texas Field Office as the Lab Director for the US Secret Service’s Southwest Region Forensic Lab.  For the last several years he has focused on computer crimes and network intrusion investigations. Steve also provides cyber protection advances for the President and Vice President when they travel.

Steve has been recognized as one of the US Secret Service’s top network intrusion investigators.  He was named one of the top 5 forensic investigators in the US Secret Service in both computers and mobile devices.  He teaches computer crime and network intrusion investigations both domestically and internationally.  Steve currently represents the US Secret Service at the University of Texas at San Antonio’s National Security Collaboration Center.  In this role, he has leads multiple graduate level labs focusing on IOT and camera system forensics.  He has also led a team which has developed a suite of Memory Forensic tools for use by the US Government.

Steve has held a number of other positions within the US Secret Service.  He was assigned to the Presidential Protection Division for President George W. Bush and was an Instructor at the US Secret Service’s training academy where he served as the Lead Instructor for the Combatives and Tactics unit.