Sanjay Virmani

Sanjay Virmani currently serves as the Acting Special in Charge for the FBI Tampa Field Office. Prior to that, he was at the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division serving as the Section Chief for the Strategic Partnership Engagement Section. Previously, he was the Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the FBI San Francisco Field Office, overseeing the Cyber Branch for the office. In past leadership roles, he was assigned to FBI Headquarters as Assistant Section Chief of the Counterterrorism Internet Operations Section and also as Unit Chief of the Cyberterrorism Unit, which is focused on identifying, obtaining intelligence on and disrupting cyberterrorists and their networks globally.  In 2013, he was detailed to INTERPOL as Director of their Digital Crime Center in Singapore, which is the operational arm of INTERPOL tasked with supporting cybercrime investigations in its 190 member countries.  Mr. Virmani also served as a Supervisory Special Agent with FBI San Francisco and has many years of experience as an investigator in computer intrusion and cyberterrorism matters.  Mr. Virmani has also led multi-agency initiatives against terrorist use of the Internet as a supervisor in the FBIs Counterterrorism and Cyber Divisions.