Ryan Nell

I am a Computer Engineer with self-taught expertise in front-end development and I’ve had the opportunity to learn multiple coding languages throughout the years. Before moving to Canada and joining Okta, I worked in the support engineering field as an Operations Analyst in Ireland where I was mainly responsible for overseeing tasks on the T24 Core Banking application. These included executing daily scripts, deploying and managing releases into the system, communicating with business users and IT regarding any operations issues, implementing and formally documenting any new operational procedures as well as supporting our developers and analysts.

I have always had a passion for Software & Technology and I love being able to interact with people. I want to be the reason their company or product is protected from vulnerabilities. This is why I chose to become a Solutions Engineer with Okta.

Outside of work I enjoy the outdoors, playing golf (trying to anyway), watching sports, and Braaing AKA BBQing with family and friends. I’m passionate about my heritage which is South African and I’ll always support my country when they’re involved in international sporting tournaments especially the Springboks in rugby, no matter the time of day or occasion!