Ryan Louisa

Ryan Louisa has served as Chief Technology Officer of Superior Vendall Corporation since 2014. An award winning technology veteran, with expertise in cloud security, project management and driving innovation in multiple business spaces. Mr. Louisa leads in the progression of technology in the vending, telecom, pharmaceutical and professional services fields.

Early in his career, Mr. Louisa lead the network integration of two merging international pharmaceutical research companies. Ryan then lead international teams in South America on the upgrade of networks for 3G integration, network security and global redundancy. From there, he was an executive consultant in the public, private and governmental industries known for his cybersecurity expertise. Ryan is known for being able to explain in understandable terms for the business, and technology dialogue for the technical project team.

Outside of work, Mr. Louisa works with the next generation of workers to help shape business and management strategy for years to come. Ryan is involved in many nonprofit’s including serving as a Board member in both Retrouvaille International and Give a Toy, Get a Smile in Cancun, Mexico. Ryan presents to thousands of hurting couples yearly while providing guidance and humor to help save their marriage.

Mr. Louisa graduated from Washburn University with a B.S. in criminal justice. He currently spends his time with his wife and 2 sons in Overland Park, Kansas. In his downtime, Ryan enjoys reading history books, collecting vintage time pieces and spending time with his family travelling.