Rodney C Burris

“Rodney C Burris, M.S. is Qualified to Engage Audiences around this Topic!”

With a mixture of Personal Stories, Giveaways, Competitive Quizzes and multiple Multimedia Types, workshops with Rodney C Burris are fun, engaging and informative;the true definition of Edu-tainment.


Studies show that 76% of North American employees agree that CEOs should take the lead on social change. The global situation we all find ourselves in provides the perfect milieu to bring about long-lasting, positive change. Rodney helps teams learn how other industry leaders have effectively approached these common ideals, and provides the boost needed to affect change within your own organizations.


Rodney C Burris has trained over 300,000 individuals, across 41 states and 3 countries, in addition to countless thousands of online views, attendees and participants. For three years, across 4 cities, Mr. Burris helped facilitate the DIVERSITY LEADERSHIP PROGRAM, which brought together multinational, regional and local businesses, and immersed them in a series of 3-Day face-to-face experiences with upcoming talent from diverse collegiate backgrounds. This resulted in product sales, hirings, internships, scholarships, and market expansion, in cities around the United States. — Please see section “Previous Clients Include”, on


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“As leaders, we will actively work on becoming different and better every single day, for the benefit of ourselves and those we serve, starting today!”