Robert Casement

Robert Casement loves to help secure people and their information because cyber-war is already happening here and around the world. He is a cyber security evangelist and cyber security first responder.

Robert’s passion for securing people and their information was ignited nearly 25 years ago when he experienced identity theft. He navigated the journey to resolve his identity theft and combined that experience with his IT career. He became a highly valued consultant to two of the largest banks in the United States, a major stock exchange in New York, seven auto manufacturers, non-profits including a non-profit with over a million constituents. His individual clients have included a 30 + year veteran entrepreneur earning a million dollars a day to a novice entrepreneur about to fly out on her first cross country business trip. He has also been VP of fraud strategy for a major U.S. Bank where he managed the implementation of large-scale intelligence systems.

He has been the CIO and is now the CISO of a tier 1 auto supplier, Jackson Dawson Communications, a global supplier of experiential marketing services including creation of bespoke augmented and virtual reality software, light manufacturing and medical services from their offices around the world. He is also on the advisory board of SMJ Drones.

In the team sport of information security, Robert is highly adept at enabling groups to harness their collective wisdom and enhance their focus and productivity.