Rob Gray

I am passionate about making businesses successful by providing leadership, courage, and strategic vision to inspire people and to leverage technology to create value. I am strengthened by helping people and business solve problems using technology in order to improve processes and advance systems performance. I am also an avid student of history including past successes and failures in order to learn from the experiences of others to improve future capabilities.

I have over 25 years experience in IT/IS and Cybersecurity with companies ranging in size from $20M (start up) in revenue to $12B (Fortune 500) in revenue. I’ve had 20+ years experience in the US Army and National Guard and I consider myself a “protector” of my family, my neighborhood, my co-workers and my business. As a cybersecurity leader I think of myself as a business leader because the business risks drive the responses and security controls that are implemented to protect the business and its customers from attack.