Richard Staynings

Richard Staynings is a globally renowned thought leader, author, public speaker and advocate for improved cybersecurity across the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry. He has served on various working groups and committees for healthcare security including the HIMSS Privacy and Cybersecurity Committee and as a board member of AEHIS, advising HIMSS, AEHIS and CHIME members on security concerns affecting healthcare providers and payers. In addition to supporting varouos industry groups, Richard has advised hundreds more governments and CxOs on their healthcare security strategy and defensive posture.

Richard is currently Chief Security Strategist for Cylera, a pioneer in the space of medical device and HIoT security.

A recovering CSO, with more than 25 years’ experience of both cybersecurity leadership and client consulting in healthcare, Richard has lived in over 30 countries and delivered innovative solutions to organizations in all of them.

Some of his more notable successes include work for: Amgen, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Cisco, CSC, Intermountain Healthcare, PeaceHealth, PwC, Intel, Microsoft, and Zurich Financial, to name a few.

After spending many years based out of the UK, Australia and various parts of Asia, Richard now resides in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado, USA. When he’s not flying between clients and conferences, Richard enjoys most things between mountaineering and scuba diving. Although he doesn’t get to spend a lot of time at home, Richard is active in his local community and serves on several Boards in a pro-bono capacity.