Rahul Sasi

Founder & CEO at CloudSEK

Rahul Sasi, the founder, CEO, and Executive Chairman of CloudSEK, is a pioneering figure in the cybersecurity world. He established CloudSEK in 2015, driven by a vision to harness artificial intelligence for proactive cyber threat detection. This revolutionary approach has positioned CloudSEK at the forefront of predictive cybersecurity solutions. 

Starting his journey by establishing the cybersecurity community Garage4Hackers in 2006, Rahul quickly made his mark in the field, despite dropping out of college. His roles at iSIGHT Partners (acquired by Google) and Citrix, where he was the first non-engineering graduate hire in India, underscore his exceptional talent. 

Renowned for his contributions to open-source cybersecurity and as a speaker at international forums across 22 countries, Rahul is also a valued member of the digital lending committee at The Reserve Bank of India and MeitY. His journey from a self-taught enthusiast to a globally recognized cybersecurity leader embodies the transformative power of innovation and expertise in the digital era.