Peter Simon

Passionate results driven Information Security Fanatic and IT security solutions architect.

Broad knowledge of security & authentication related technologies including hardware, software & networking technologies. With experience to provide a powerful combination of administration, analysis and compliance. Able to protect confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and systems.

• Responsible for creating, implementing and managing secure and law-compliant corporate computing environments designed to prevent theft of data, IT breaches, misuse of IT resources by employees, internal & external hacker’s activities for small to medium sized businesses.

• Responsible for the adaptation of IT practices, systems, processes and procedures designed to have corporations become compliant with various international, federal and state data privacy regulations.

• Develop and implement protocols designed to comply with legal requirements for the preservation and production of electronically-stored information to help organizations avoid legal sanctions and data breaches.

• Responsible for creating business continuity plans, disaster recovery strategies and data security policy planning.