Neil Watkins

Neil Watkins has over 25 years’ experience leading the strategic, operational, and budgetary aspects of data management and protection. Neil’s broad experience includes leading security, technology, compliance, risk management, information governance, and privacy teams across insurance, healthcare, technology, and legal industries for over two decades. His role leading global security and risk management services provides practiced, real-world experience in addressing security challenges from technical, operational, and governance & reporting perspectives. This extensive experience provides proficient and knowledgeable insight across a broad variety of business challenges.

Previously, Neil has served as the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Risk Office (RO), Privacy Officer, HIPAA Privacy Officer, and Data Protection Officer (DPO), and technology leader for global service organizations. In these various roles he was responsible for the strategic alignment and tactical execution of each of these key functions.