Nada MacKinney

“Disruptors don’t set out to beat you at your own game — they change the rules.” — Kai Riemer, Digital Disruption Research Group.

As digital transformation shakes up the business world, it’s a great time to be an experienced, flexible, modern marketer.

Accomplished at formulating high-impact content and messaging. Proficient at developing and executing marketing campaigns to generate leads and shape brand awareness. Experienced in applying digital marketing to engage target audiences. Knowledgeable about the digital transformation reshaping companies and entire industries. Superior communication skills. Sharp analytical skills guide pragmatic problem solving.

Core Expertise: content marketing ~ messaging / value propositions ~ digital marketing ~ campaign management ~ social media ~ website creation ~ demand generation ~ email marketing ~ search – SEM & SEO ~ sales enablement ~ advertising ~ channel marketing ~ agency management

Essential Skills: project management ~ communications written & verbal ~ high motivation / self-starter ~ organization ~ teamwork/team leadership ~ analytical & critical thinking