Mitchell Parker

Mitchell is a results-oriented leader who focuses on the processes behind why we implement systems to augment businesses, and the infrastructure required to support them successfully.

He believes that we cannot have security without a concrete idea of what the business needs are, how information systems meet them, and how their implementation and maintenance processes are managed to achieve these goals.

He believes that security is an integral part of the business process, whether it is evident or not and believes in security that makes sense, not security for security’s sake. Proper design, planning, timing, and execution are what make projects successful and build long-lasting customer relationships.

He has spent the past 16 years working to build unique systems that meet customers’ business and security needs through the entire systems development lifecycle. He encourages others to bring that forth, with the goals of continual improvement, reusability, security that makes sense, and planning for the future.

Specialties: Network Security, Active Directory, configuration management/review, audit controls, logging/auditing system implementations, database administration/management (MS SQL Server and Oracle), systems integration, hardware management, database performance management, policies and procedure writing, Windows Server implementation/management, and Linux.