Michael Weimer

Michael Weimer is Hoplite Consulting’s Chief Technology Officer. Michael focuses on designing and implementing creative solutions that help Hoplite’s clients understand and realize the risk their IT stack introduces within their organization. As a technical security professional who began his career as a penetration tester, Michael has a deep understanding of the specific risk that vulnerabilities can introduce within an enterprise network. He prides himself in understanding the how specific business functions within an organization can be impacted by the different technology, configurations, or vulnerabilities that may currently exist.

Michael leads a team of talented individuals within Hoplite’s technical cybersecurity lab in Indianapolis, IN. He has led hundreds of offensive security assessments and breach response exercises through his career. He actively researches and has deep knowledge in Microsoft’s Active Directory and Azure Active Directory platforms and is passionate about sharing and passing the knowledge about how they can be abused. Michael earned his M.S. in Information Systems (MSIS) degree from Indiana University Bloomington. He also holds multiple technical certifications and has attended several trainings in offensive security and incident response.