Michael Gorman

As an engineer and leader in new technology fields for over 25 years, I have been tasked with building and rebuilding many technologies in the data transport and technology fields. I participated in and led many projects taking wireless data from 11Kbps, on a good day, (CDPD) to 100Mbps (LTE) and beyond. I have engineered and deployed Voice over LTE, measurement and monitoring systems for all these technologies, as well as others. In that time I have covered the breadth of engineering, as an operational engineer, technology and budgetary planner, teacher, and leader, I have deployed 4 generations of wireless technology and the services deployed over those networks, Following that experience I have moved through the domain of cloud computing and software defined networks, and into cybersecurity. I have learned that many, many things are required to succeed, but more important than the technology are people who trust and believe in one another and strive towards the same goals, learning, teaching, and sharing with one another to reach new heights.