Matt Stephenson

TSA Stephenson has been in the field of criminal justice for the last twenty-seven years, with the last twenty-two years spent with the United States Secret Service.  He’s been involved with the United States Secret Service Electronic Crimes Special Agent Program (ECSAP) since 2012.  As part of the ECSAP program, he has specialized training in the investigation of computer-based criminal offenses.  In addition to the ECSAP program, he is a participant in the United States Secret Service Network Intrusion Forensic Evaluation (NIFE) program that entails an investigative and forensic response both domestically and globally.   

TSA Stephenson has conducted over 500 digital forensic examinations encompassing varied platforms.  His experience spans incident response that includes collecting data, triage and forensic analysis for both the private and public sector.  The incident response has included elements ranging from data exfiltration, phishing, business email compromises, and ransomware.