Martin Zinaich

Martin Zinaich is the Information Security Officer for the City of Tampa. With over 25 years of experience in information technology and cybersecurity, he created and directs the City’s  Information Security Office.

Previous work includes a decade in the private sector as a research and development engineer and technical manager in the telecommunications industry.

Martin was the recipient of the Centre for Digital Government’s Cyber Security Leadership and Innovation Award. He is co-chair of the Florida Region 4 Working Group on Cyber Terrorism and  chair of the Urban Area Cyber Discipline Working Group. He is the author of what some have called a foundational article on cybersecurity called “What does Information Security have in common with Eastern Airlines Flight 401.”

Martin holds numerous industry certifications, is a featured speaker on the subject of cybersecurity and is a member of the Information Systems Security Certification Consortium’s Safe and  Secure Online program.