Lori Snyder

I lead teams to deliver exceptional results. I operate by thinking of myself as a business person first, then bring my extensive IT background to solve business problems. I am a creative, innovative problem solver and change agent. I can quickly assess situations and bring a clear vision and focus to the direction needed. I view the world through the lens of a customer and bring passion for the business to the teams I lead. Using inspirational messaging and true caring about people, I create an environment where people want to work.

I’ve worked my way up the IT career ladder gaining hands on experience at every level from developer, to various infrastructure roles, to project manager and up the management career ladder to CIO. I’ve purposely chosen the steps in my career to allow me to work with the latest technologies and not get type cast into a single industry demonstrating my versatility and ability to learn and contribute quickly.

As I’ve progressed up the management ranks, I’ve often been the only woman at the table. I have learned a lot but most importantly, this has provided a huge drive within me to mentor and grow other leaders, especially women and it has given me a perspective that attracts and values diversity. I’ve started mentoring groups and programs and am proud to count the number of women and men whom I’ve mentored and are now at CIO and CEO levels.

An example, proving my value is a $2B acquisition integration that I led. We rewrote and migrated over 100 systems with the largest being a critical claims system. Our goal was to not miss a single claim payment. Why? Because each claim payment represented a mortgage payment for someone on disability or money to buy a soccer ball for a kid who had lost a parent. We worked for soccer balls and mortgage payments not bits and bytes. That put a passion for details into the team and they delivered! We didn’t miss a single claim payment. In fact, we completed the integration early and $10M under budget.

I have been able to consistently and successfully deliver. My mix of both strong business and technical emotional intelligence enable me to lead through the most complex situations and deliver results.

• Global IT Strategy Development
• Digital Transformation
• Cloud Based Technologies
• Process Improvement & Redesign
• Staff Leadership & Mentoring
• Agile Methodologies
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Program Management & PMO
• Big Data and Business Intelligence

I love my work, but when I’m not busy with that, I enjoy remodeling houses and quilting.