Keith Walsh

I am a top producer in fast moving, nimble, technology startups. I have acted as an individual contributor, a team leader, and as overlay in both direct and indirect sales channels. My critical thinking, technical acumen, and complex sales experience has often caused my role to evolve into that of a broader contributor overseeing a channel, a team, entire regions, and countries.

I have been in the IoT space since 2010 helping to protect and harden the lifecycle of critical infrastructure devices found within our nations grid, healthcare and medical devices, transportation, aerospace, DoD, smart city, and critical manufacturing. I have worked with some of the largest OEM manufacturers in the world in their efforts to secure their critical endpoint devices boot processes, the hardening of their application stacks, the securing of their device onboarding, ensuring supply chain provenance, enabling certificate lifecycle management services, and the overall orchestration of the life cycle of security components by leveraging libraries, binaries, RoT, and CA’s. I often times consult with OEM developers to architect application stacks that harden these devices, as well as with their service arms to manage the orchestration and lifecycle of these devices once installed.

I have also architected and sold some of the world’s largest and most secure IoT device networks including ConEd, Jamaica Public Services, and Duke Energy where hardening and securing the onboarding and updating of grid devices was of the utmost of importance.