Karl Galbraith

As an Independent Security Consultant/ Virtual CISO, Karl provides Cyber and AI Trusted Advisory service spanning envisioning, transform, protect, respond and trust stages of the cyber security lifecycle roadmap.

Expertise in Cybersecurity Strategy, Threat Intelligence, Insider Threat, ,Analytics, Operations, Incident Response, Track and Trace and Endpoint Agent Applications, Architecture and Design best practices

Karl leverages over 25 years of Security and IT expertise and experience successfully selling, building, delivering, performing audits on commercial and in-house software product solutions in Public sector, Fortune 500 and start up environments. His corporate InfoSec executive and co-founder, technical leadership roles at Ottawa startups including Electronic Courthouse, Accentus (acquired by High Road Capital Partners, Nuance), and Interset (formerly Filetrek and GridIron Software) specialized in Enterprise technology focussed on Secure Track and Trace, Security Analytics, SOC Dashboard and Endpoint Agent solutions.

He spent 5 years with Canadian Bank Note Corp. where as acting CISO, he oversaw Corporate Information Security Systems technology and product management and development of Secure Track and Trace solutions.

Previous CISO, audit roles at; Canadian Banknote Corp, Filetrek, Accentus, Electronic Courthouse