Jeff Dant

Jeff is a career security professional, spanning 18 years of significant experience in a variety of security and financial crimes disciplines. Beginning a career with the US Secret Service, Jeff held various roles to include Uniformed Division, Presidential Protective Division Transportation Section, and Criminal Investigator. Jeff is highly regarded in the Financial Crimes Investigative arena where he combined investigative principles, digital forensics, and intelligence capabilities to combat large scale Organized Criminal Groups. Jeff has held leadership roles with Citibank, Bank of Montreal, Exlog – Global. Currently, Jeff is building and managing fraud and security-based functions at TikTok to protect businesses, consumers, and clients. Jeff enjoys managing Financial Crimes through a holistic approach to risk assessments, control enhancements, and integrating intelligence sources into processes to enhance awareness of people and technology. Jeff is an avid boater and enjoys fishing the waters of the Gulf of Maine outside his home in Kennebunkport.