Jaye Tillson

Jaye is a technology leader with a proven track record in delivering global strategic and enterprise wide programmes totalling over $1billion. He provides technical advisory to global mergers and acquisitions across multiple countries and cultures, large scale global transformation programs, enterprise-wide cyber security governance, digital strategic planning, and the creation of operational efficiencies.

He has spent over 20+ years understanding the challenges of defining and implementing enterprise strategies and translating these into the design and deployment of enterprise-wide platforms and infrastructures. His expertise includes the globalisation of IT platforms to create cost and resource efficiencies, resilience, and improved information flow to support executive decision making.

Jaye has led multiple large strategic technology programmes and is a critical asset for the success of organisations undergoing global transformation. He has built and trained several globally reaching teams, capable of successful execution of strategic plans. He is currently responsible for the budget, costing, fiscal planning, cost reduction and global people management at a large technology manufacturing organisation.

He is recognised as a mentor and coach in his area of expertise and observes industry and market trends to ensure his technology recommendations fit the business strategy. He is a senior technical lead, is seen as the go-to person within the business for all technical questions and is seen as a role model in the organisation.