Jim Cook

COO at Velta Technology

A Business Partner bringing the people skills, organizational guidance and coaching for the IT function to connect to the business. Through a wide breadth of experiences in industry, international, consulting and technologies, an IT partner who can bring unique perspectives to the large and small challenges. Ultimately, building and providing growth of IT capabilities and leaders.

Jim Cook is COO for Velta Technology, one of the world's leading Digital Safety and Cybersecurity system integrators for the industrial space. In his role as a practitioner, he brings IT and OT organizations together to address the risks and complexities of cybersecurity, offering solutions, services, methods, techniques, and best practices while building capabilities to improve operational resilience. He has spent his career in executive roles within IT organizations for Jockey International, Rawlings Sporting Goods, Arthur Anderson, KPMG and Heartland Dental. Jim has a BS in Management Information Systems from Saint Louis University.