Hazel Cerra

ATSAIC Hazel Cerra is a twenty-22 year veteran with the United States Secret Service. ATSAIC Cerra was assigned to the Former President William Clinton Protective Detail in Chappaqua, NY, where she spent four years traveling around the world in support of the Clinton Global Initiative.

ATSAIC Cerra is a Supervisor out of the Philadelphia Field Office and supervises the Financial and Cyber Crimes Squads, where she leads the criminal squads that investigates, bank fraud, BEC, cryptocurrency scams, and cybercrime cases.

She earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from New Jersey City University and she recently completed her MBA in Finance at Johns Hopkins University. ATSAIC Cerra is also an Adjunct Professor for Chestnut Hill College where she teaches Attacks and Vulnerabilities.

Lastly, she volunteers with the Civil Air Patrol and coaches a CyberPatriot team.