Eric Sorenson

CISO | CIO | Cybersecurity Pioneer in Global Business

As chief information security officer (CISO) and chief information officer (CIO), I architect, develop, and implement the technologies that keep private data safe from intrusions and theft.

It seems that while companies are aware of the need for data security, they react to breaches rather than plan for potential threats. I do not believe that retrospection prevents the problem, so I also evolve my team’s strategies and techniques to stay more than one step ahead.

Thus, it was truly exciting for me to join dōTERRA in 2016 to build the organization’s first comprehensive, global cybersecurity strategy. We needed first to manage and eliminate our existing risk and then define a infosec strategy that would both change the way we did business internally and externally as well as shift our culture to be more cognizant of potential threats. Within 2 years, we had a comprehensive program that aligned executive leadership vision and values into long-term information asset protection.

To achieve this goal at the highest level, I structured a new way to think about cybersecurity culture first, information security technology second. By bringing our customers and vendors into my vision of cybersecurity culture–essentially, getting their buy-in for the standards and practices I consider critical and working within what they needed to be successful–I changed the way data is transacted among all of us.

From my earlier days at HealthEquity to my CIO/CISO dual role at Arches Health Plan, and now as CISO with dōTERRA, I have evolved a set of information security programs and technologies that truly enable business and work within the commercial needs of our organization and our customers.

Through this strategy, the private data of every contributor, customer, vendor, and stakeholder is equally protected within a powerful, shared cybersecurity ecosystem. Thus, all participants feel their information is more protected.