E.J. Hilbert

Founder, KCE Cyber

In my 25+ years in the security arena, I have served as an FBI agent, the head of security enforcement for MySpace, a CISO, and run my own online investigation firm.

I have conducted in-depth market research in support of establishing cyber security consulting practice for 2 firms in the US and EMEA. I designed and deployed the products and services for those practices. Also I developed a block chain solution to the credit reporting industry and method to track online ads back to those paying for their creation.

I have served as a consultant to most industries, investigated breaches at defense contractors, advised the C-suite and board of Fortune and FTSE 100 companies and worked with the governments of the US, UK, Russia, Greece, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to name a few.

I have been trained in forensics, risk analysis, risk mitigation, investigations, regulations, Privacy and compliance and have had occasion to use those and other skills.

I have given over 200 presentations on cyber security and attack methodologies in 10 different countries.

My focus is on security convergence. Combining physical and cyber security in ways that benefit companies without impacting their business practices. Security and Risk Management do not sit in a bubble. To properly address both, you must understand the business, their culture, their pain points, and their goals.

I led the investigations that caused the creation of PCI DSS and brought Treason charges against the American Al Qaeda, Adam Gadahn.

My passion is teaching; first about the threats and then how to mitigate or minimize those threats.

My greatest skill is being able to listen to and understand my clients, teams and contacts needs and convert those into actionable plans. I translate Geek to Common Speak and back and make complex issues easy to understand