Dr. Jonathan D. T. Ward

Dr. Jonathan D. T.  Ward is an internationally recognized expert on Chinese global strategy and US-China competition. He earned his PhD in China-India relations at the University of Oxford and his undergraduate degree at Columbia University where he studied Russian and Chinese language. 

Dr. Ward’s on the ground experience in Asia includes traveling across Tibet in truck caravans, crossing the South China Sea by cargo ship, and gaining access to Communist Party diplomatic archives in Beijing which have now been closed to the world. Dr. Ward lived and traveled globally for over a decade, in China, India, Russia, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. He speaks Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic. 

He has consulted for the U.S. Department of Defense and for leading American corporations on Chinese long-term strategy. Dr. Ward has briefed leading corporations in the defense, aerospace, technology, financial services, telecommunications, automotive, and industrial sectors on Chinese strategy and US-China global competition. He is a frequently invited speaker for government, military, industry, and financial audiences. 

In January 2020, Dr. Ward was commended by the President of the United States in his remarks to industry leaders at the White House at the signing ceremony of the US-China Phase One Trade Deal.

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Book: China's Vision of Victory

More information on Dr. Ward’s Book:

• China’s Vision of Victory has been featured in numerous national and international
television programs from Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday Morning Futures to The 11th Hour
with Brian Williams. The Financial Times called China’s Vision of Victory “one of the first
books to make the explicit argument for containment of China by the west.”

• “Dr. Ward tells an absorbing and well-researched story about China’s grand strategy
to achieve ‘supremacy among all nations’ by 2049 and the role of Western capital in
fueling China’s rise. China’s Vision of Victory is a must-read for Western policy makers,
intelligence agencies, chief executives, global investors, and globally-minded thinkers. It
is a real-life page-turner, if ever there was one.” – J. KYLE BASS, Founder & Chief
Investment Officer of Hayman Capital Management

• “Few people can offer that perspective as clearly and credibly as Jonathan
Ward: whether we’re talking with bankers, or manufacturers, or practitioners in any
other sector, I’ve been privileged to have Jonathan as a featured guest speaker who
never leaves an audience unchanged by what they’ve heard.“ – PETER COFFEE, VP for
Strategic Research at Salesforce

• “Jonathan Ward is a young scholar with not only all the necessary linguistic and travel
credentials, but with something even more important, a vision of history rooted in
geography that allows him to espy the future.” – ROBERT D. KAPLAN, author
of Monsoon: The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power


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