Doug Drewry

Director of IT, CISO at Blueprint Technologies

As the Director of IT and Chief Information Security Officer at Blueprint, a U.S.-based leader in data science and AI solutions, I oversee a multifaceted IT and Cybersecurity organization. My teams provide indispensable support to a diverse range of stakeholders, including our business, product and solution delivery teams, functional departments, suppliers, and key partners. We are at the forefront of leveraging data to spur innovation and growth for organizations.

With several years of leadership experience, I've navigated complex IT organizations through periods of significant transformation. Known for an unwavering dedication to operational excellence, I have a talent for empowering teams to realize their full potential and seamlessly integrating leading-edge technologies. This dual focus allows us to maximize business value while simultaneously ensuring robust services, meticulous risk management, and stringent compliance measures.

As a strategic thinker and a trusted C-suite advisor, my contributions go beyond the confines of technology. I excel in orchestrating cross-functional initiatives that foster business partnerships, streamline operations, and minimize risk. This multifaceted approach—melding technological acumen with business insight—empowers me to adapt complex technical landscapes into actionable strategies that closely align with overarching business objectives.

My reputation as a transformative leader is further solidified by a proven track record in enhancing operational efficiencies, containing costs, and boosting customer satisfaction. Throughout my career, I've assembled high-performance teams, facilitated cross-business unit collaborations, and led initiatives that have yielded measurable improvements in performance metrics. This experience has continually reinforced the pivotal role that IT plays as a key component in driving business success.