Dimitri Melchior

Dimitri started working in 2011 for a French startup (RunMyProcess) operating a Platform as a Service and dealing with the company’s Business Process Management challenges. After a few years, multiple successful customers, and one acquisition by Fujitsu, Dimitri became a Freelancer helping companies across France solve various IT Challenges. He was wearing multiple hats there but being a developer was one of his favorite ones.

He finally joined Okta in April 2020 as the Director, Solutions Engineers where he helped companies protect their internal workforce users and secure their external customer-facing applications.

In short, Dimitri is quite technical but has always been a service-oriented consultant as he likes making people save time and money using automation. Dimitri likes Javascript in global and its variations (NodeJS, DenoJS, Google App Script, and Front-end JS Frameworks).

Finally, Dimitri is married and a happy father of a 10-months-old daughter now. He is passionate about astronomy, gardening, traveling, and chilling by listening to Jazz music… however, most of his passions evolve over the years.