Dean Sorensen

Dean is an Information Technology Leader with extensive experience in healthcare, financial industries, education, and professional services settings. He has entrepreneurial business expertise with strategic insight to enhance business operations and mitigate security risks. He has both in-depth technical knowledge in security and practical business leadership skills to improve processes and enterprise compliance. Dean has consulted to Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and Europe and served as Cook County Health CISO.

Currently, Dean serves as Strategic Business Advisor and vCISO for Sentinel Technologies. Sentinel vCISO Service provides comprehensive knowledge and skillsets, which cover various tasks, from the tactical to strategic. The vCISO pulls together security policies, guidelines, and standards and help recruit, train, set security strategies, procure solutions, remediate incidents, and put foundations in place for security and data compliance. The vCISO manages necessary future roadmap and strategy to optimize new technology, the CapEx and OpEx budgets, as well as oversite for the third party, managed services, and suppliers.