Darren Furr

For Darren Furr, the practice of putting technology to practical use in the service of business needs is always a creative endeavor. Darren has a 20-year track record of building and leading teams that excel in ministering to the exigencies of a company’s core business through the elixir of collaboration, innovation, and an unadulterated dedication to achieving quantifiable results. Darren’s recognized ability to transubstantiate complex and often conflicting business requirements into technological toolsets for large organizations has translated not only into a panoply of technological achievements spanning application development, BI, infrastructure, and legacy platform consolidation, but has also made of him a valued executive leader, playing a key role in strategy, M&A, business development, and partnership negotiation.

With his grounding in years of project management and hands-on business intelligence work, Darren’s focus is always on ensuring that his solutions represent a maximal degree of data visibility and long-term flexibility that will provide business partners with empirical insights and the ability to adapt to the inevitable gyrations of the commercial landscape, while optimizing frameworks for scalability, performance, and reliability. His international exposure in both vendor and account management represents a critical aspect of the strategic perspective he brings to all aspects of his work.