Craig Broussard

My name is Craig Broussard, I am an IT Executive with experience in transformation, turnarounds, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. I am a mentor, coach and motivator to those I am working with. I have experience across multiple industries with leading edge technologies delivering services that exceed expectations.

In my past experiences working in multiple market sectors, (healthcare, public, energy, oil & gas, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail and eCommerce) some while working with an managed services provider, and others while working directly for the company. I have a well rounded business acumen in most any business. Sample of my accomplishments I can share are:

◾ Achieved 200% of target on savings goal and 30% productivity improvement over 6 months
◾ Implemented individual performance Key Performance Indicators metric (key metrics) with
measurement to target resource levels, resulting in 30% cost savings in 6 months and 25%
increase in capacity
◾ Recovered 3 crucial accounts with 100 million TCV each maximizing the business value of services
◾ Directly responsible for renewing 3 major accounts ($600M over 5 years)
◾ Improved SLA’s by 40%+ within 12 months from initiation

If I am of interest to you please let’s connect and discuss it I would love to have a call or meet in person