Brandon Potter

Brandon Potter approaches cybersecurity as a dynamic partnership, where each client’s specific challenges can only be met by first connecting on a personal level, understanding their unique business objectives, and then working together toward a mutually-developed goal.

As a CIEH, CISSP, GSEC, GCIH, CCFP, and GWAPT, Potter relies on more than 15 years’ experience in Systems and Network Administration, Security Architecture design, ethical hacking, and developing methodologies for in-depth cybersecurity assessments. He identifies with executives and technical teams alike, firmly understanding the delicate balance between budgets, personnel, compliance, and real security.

With expertise from both red and blue teams, Potter aggressively tracks cybersecurity practices and emerging threat technologies. He leads a suite of adept cybersecurity engineers to rigorously test the limits of an organization’s security from both inside and out. To Potter, the thrill of hacking – without the threat of jail time – is only surpassed by the joy of helping others improve their security posture through practical, and achievable means.