Ashwin Ramnarayanan

Ashwin started working at Okta HQ in San Francisco in 2019 as an Analyst Solutions Engineer working in the US West Sector. Within a year of working at Okta, he had already become an Okta Certified Consultant and was helping onboard new Account Executives and SEs.

He was hired right out of college from Pennsylvania State University after completing his Masters in Engineering Leadership and Innovation Management and Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. His educational background made him adept at having deep technical conversations while keeping business priorities in mind.

He recently moved to Toronto in 2021 as an Associate SE helping Canadian companies protect their internal workforce users and secure their external customer-facing applications. His product specialty is in Workflows, a Lifecycle Management product that automates complex identity-centric processes without code.

In his free time, Ashwin enjoys spending time on his hobbies such as 3d design, reading, traveling, and binging TV shows. He is currently short-listing places to explore in Canada and is open to suggestions.