Andy Stone

CTO - Americas at Pure Storage

I am an accomplished IT Executive, with a proven ability to deliver cost-effective, innovative solutions that enhance the business’ ability to deliver products and services to our customers.

I have a passion for technology and enjoy coming up with innovative solutions that solve a business problem, yet are cost effective. I also like to be on the cutting-edge of technology and helping to incubate new companies when possible.

Through most of my professional career, I have specialized in IT Security, and while security is a passion and an area of knowledge/expertise, I have also had an opportunity to diversify my IT knowledge and skills to include a much broader set of enterprise technologies. In my current role, I am applying my knowledge and understanding to create balanced, pragmatic approaches to the delivery of global IT solutions. Specifically, I have spent time focusing on modern and evolving facets of technology such as:

* Information Security
* Cloud Transformation & Secure Development
* Next Generation Networking
* Evolutionary End-user Computing (incl. Virtualization & Mobility)
* Digital Transformation (incl. BI, ML & AI)

I am currently focused on bringing innovative, next generation data storage and protection technologies to customers in an effort to help deliver business value through improved insights, faster time to market, and enhanced data security through reduced total cost of ownership, improved performance, and greatly reduced administrative overhead, all while maintaining an industry leading level of customer satisfaction through second to none customer service/support, and category best on-prem and cloud technology solutions.