Al Gardner

Al Gardner is a seasoned information technology executive with more than two decades of engineering and executive level experience. He received both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Business Administration. Mr. Gardner specializes team building and strategic technology management. His writings and insights on topics such as technology resource management and team building have been featured in technology publications and he is a sought-after keynote speaker for industry conferences. Al is a passionate leader in the field and has a reputation as a mentor and building highly effective and motivated teams based not only on performance but also integrity, teamwork, and professionalism. He believes in leading by example. He is active in several organizations that promote and expand access to technology. Mr. Gardner serves as Board Chair for Colorado Technology Professionals; as Board Member of Colorado Technology Association’ on the Advisory Board of the Denver Business Administration for the Community College of Denver, and former affiliate faculty in the College of Computer Science at Regis University. Mr. Gardner was recently featured in the PBS Road Trip Nation documentary series “Leaders”.