Waterfall Security Solutions

Waterfall Security’s technology represents an evolutionary alternative to firewalls. Our innovative, patented Unidirectional Security Gateway solutions enable safe and reliable IT/OT integration, data sharing, cloud services, and all required connectivity for industrial control systems and critical infrastructures. Waterfall Security’s products dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of regulatory compliance with NERC CIP, NRC, NIST, CFATS, ANSSI and others.

Waterfall products enable external parties, HQ, engineering, contractors and vendors, cloud services, and others to have access to operational information, while keeping the industrial control systems safe and secure. Our purpose-built hardware based security is enhanced by off-the-shelf software with a multitude of interfaces to widest range of industrial systems, protocols, databases and IT solutions in the market.

Waterfall has a growing list of customers worldwide, including national infrastructures throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle-East in power plants, nuclear plants, on/off-shore platforms, refineries, manufacturing plants, utility companies plus many more. Our strategic partners are multinational conglomerates and integrators in manufacturing, automation and other parallel industries.