Thorncastle Solutions


These solutions offered by Thorncastle are the result of military science and based on the act of defence including the military concepts of ‘zero-trust’ and defence in depth.  Also, as defensive postures cannot be static but rather alert to unknowns, Thorncastle solutions are always ready to take effective action to identify and block any contacted concern.

These solutions have been deployed as a defensive measure for critical infrastructure in the United States, Canada, and other aligned countries.  Recent events have shown that passive and reactive defence responses will fail on first contact; like a sleeping or non-focused sentry, or failure to recognize camouflaged threat means that an enemy threat can enter into the perimeter causing havoc prior to identification or understanding.  To offsets these concerns, a security screen is a requirement, and providing a consistent and focused, zero-trust posture will ensure nothing enters a position without positive and active clearance.  This will allow for active protection for critical assets and intelligence.

These considerations are borne from the military concepts of supporting a defensive position with depth, mutual support, coordination of who has access to what information, including permission gates and zero-trust positions and intelligence in an ongoing mission to question all activities to gain a continuing appreciation of your position.  This is to allow for 24/7 safety, and ability to operate with confidence.  At Thorncastle, these principals of defence ring true based on experience of years of Service intelligence and operations globally.  The AppGuard and LinkGuard actively screen to observe in real time, identify suspicious events and block the ‘enemy’ penetration regardless of deception/camouflage or concealment and report any inconsistencies or abnormalities prior to gaining entry.

Use of these solutions allows for the exploitation of all three stages of the defence: covering force to ensure all contacts are treated as threats until proven otherwise; ensuring main networks continue unabated, with notices to the correct authorities to undertake countermeasures to isolate and destroy an infiltration.