Techstrata is a premier IT Solutions and Managed Services firm that enables clients to gain a competitive advantage in business operations, IT Compliance, operational efficiencies, and Information security readiness by leveraging best practices in IT infrastructure, Application modernization, and Security-minded designs and practices. Our core value allows businesses to focus on just that, business.

Today’s organizations needs are constantly changing and adapting to real-world pressures. Our team can engage in the flexibility needed to support your organization and stay ahead of the curve. We do that by providing a streamlined, modern, and insight-driven solutions portfolio that fit your business.

Our Cyber Security full suite of solutions combines best-in-class excellence with transformative IP solutions to optimize your operations while securely managing, protecting, and evolving your digital transformation and journey.

Our Cloud migration and core Application Management delivery services offer clients the peace of mind to support their critical applications necessary and to support their business with continuous monitoring protection. We do this by utilizing the latest in AI technology and process simplification to improve the end-user experience while lowering ongoing costs.

Our services follow NIST-800, the latest ITIL standards, DevOps, and Agile-based practices throughout the Application lifecycle management. We leverage intelligent AI, integrated analytics to monitor and manage our clients’ environment through their digital transformation journey.

Partner today with Techstrata to shift your focus from an ongoing support burden to new business creation and innovation. Our team of experts can help bridge the gap between your business needs and technological gains.

We offer:

  • State-of-the-Art Solutions Designed to Fit Your Specific Objectives
  • A Team That Understands Your Needs from Every Angle
  • Total IT Service and Support at a Price You Can Afford