We Are Committed to Helping Companies Secure Their Use of SaaS Applications, With Automation, Accuracy and Simplicity.

Just like Suricates (a.k.a. Meerkats), we, at Suridata, are highly social, look out for each other, work and play as a team. Together we tirelessly strive towards making our collective vision — a holistic approach to SaaS security - a reality.

Thanks to the strength of our internal relationships and the trust we have in each other, we are able to overcome our obstacles gracefully. And while our pack typically moves at an incredibly fast pace, we do take the time to celebrate our individual and cumulative successes.​

Suridata has already achieved so much together and as we look into the future, we know that it will be our positive attitude, endless energy, and tireless curiosity that will continue to propel us forward.​