Speartip LLC.

SpearTip Defends You

Virtually anyone can provide you with basic cybersecurity hardware, software, and monitoring. What makes SpearTip’s cybersecurity solutions different is that we understand the methods, motivations, and mindsets of the cybercriminals targeting you. These are not tools you are fighting, they are very highly sophisticated organizations and you need experts on their level to effectively fight them.

SpearTip focuses on the people behind cyberattacks, and are prepared to stop them. SpearTip works tirelessly to defend organizations, livelihoods, shareholder value, jobs, reputations, brands and most importantly, you.

ShadowSpear® Platform

The ShadowSpear® Platform is an unparalleled, proprietary resource that helps you Identify threats, Neutralize malware, and Counter adversaries. The SaaS platform has been deployed on and integrated with hundreds of thousands of systems across the globe, protecting businesses of all sizes from devastating cyber-attacks.

ShadowSpear has the Power to Fight Back

Experience ShadowSpear for yourself. Our lightweight, integrated solution will help you sleep easier at night and provide immediate confidence in your security posture. Click below for more information.